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29-30 September

In modern world acquaintance is the new currency! We will ensure its conversion at the most favorable rate! Are you looking for investments, people, knowledge, new ideas? On our forum you will meet those who are looking for a meeting with you.

Equium events

September 29-30

Forum program

1 day
2 day

A gathering of guests

10:00 -10:15

Welcome speech

10:15 -12:00

Speakers presentations

12:00 -12:30

Coffee break

12:30 -14:00

Speakers presentations

14:00 -14:15


14:15 -15:45

Panel discussion 1

15:45 -16:00


16:00 -17:30

Panel discussion 2

17:30 -18:00



A gathering of guests

10:30 -12:30

Meet up "Strategies, applied tools, marketing" (beginning)

12:30 -13:30

lunch, free time

13:30 -15:50

Meet up "Strategies, applied tools, marketing" (follow-up)

15:50 -17:00



Sapiens Consulting
Co-founder and president, Equium business community
Serial entrepreneur, more than 15 companies in 10 countries
Gritz & Associates”, author of Partner Session Technology, Equium Resident
Executive Master of business administration (Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO)
IKRA, CRAFT,, RED KEDS, Wowmyslide
The first day of the forum on September 29 is open.
The forum will bring together entrepreneurs, representatives of investment funds and government agencies of the MENA region.

What forum participants will get

Learn about how the Equium environment helps to implement joint business projects.
Find promising, open niches for themselves in a particular country or in the whole region.
Discuss possible cooperation directly with government officials, free zone, financial and consulting companies.
Learn about the possibilities of attracting investments and measures of state support for the region.

Participating countries

Forum members

Representatives of investment funds and government bodies.
Residents of Equium, the largest business club in Russia (Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Germany and the United Arab Emirates).
Entrepreneurs from the above countries who have their own business in the local market, who have entered or in process of entering the Middle East market.
At the beginning of the forum, we will practice focusing on your individual goals and professional contacts, and at the end of the day we will provide an organized space for you to find the right people. Our advantage is that we not only give space and knowledge, but also help to structure your goals for the forum and focus on the main thing.
Is it difficult to determine what resources are available to us right now?
With the help of written practice, we will help everyone analyze the map of their own capital. And in order to fill in the missing ones, you will have a whole day of the forum and an hour of organized networking.
The second day of the forum (DEEP INSIDE DAY) September 30 — limited&
Participants will receive a personal invitation from Equium club members, based on the results of the first day of the forum and will spend the whole day surrounded by the best people in their field.

What DEEP INSIDE DAY members will get

Immerse yourself in working on your own business project, surrounded by like-minded people using the unique method of developing creative thinking by Vasily Lebedev
They will take with them specific business tools for implementation in their own projects
They will pay attention to the state of the body and spirit together with Igor Sivov — the author of the "PROawakening" concept.
Feel the atmosphere and belonging to the Equium club, find associates and business partners.
On the second day, members will be able to choose the "pill" that suits them
The workshop from the IKRA Team will allow entrepreneurs to focus on their projects, as well as exchange ideas and experiences.
Blue — work on your internal state
Red — work on your business
During the day, the task of each participant in the activity will be a phased study and presentation of their business. In the process of this study, each participant will share their experience and knowledge with the forum participants. As a result of the workshop, you will get a fresh understanding of your business model, specific business tools, useful contacts and ideas for partnerships and collaborations with other members of the club.
Spend these 2 days with Equium!
The Creative Techniques Workshop and Art Therapy Practice are designed for participants who are more attuned to talking about themselves. The host of the workshop will talk about creative methods, guide the group through the art therapy technique of the "Emotional Garden" and, on the basis of this reflection, help generate non-banal ideas for self-development.
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